Proposed Delmarva State Routes

Using current routes as base for comparison

This list shows my proposed route network for the State of Delmarva, using current routes as the basis for comparison. If you'd like to see the same list, but using the new routes as the basis, click here. If you'd like to see how I came up with these numbers, click here.

Road alignments are described from west to east or north to south, based on the directionality of the route.

Current Number New Number(s)
I-95 I-95
New Road I-195 (Salisbury to Milford Hospital)
I-295 I-295
I-495 I-495
US-1 US-1
US-9 US-9
US-13 US-13
US-40 US-40
US-50 US-50
US-113 US-113
US-202 US-202
US-222 US-222
US-301 US-301
DE-1 I-195/DE-1 (north of Milford Hospital), DE-1 (south of Milford Hospital)
DE-1A DE-101
DE-2 DE-2
DE-3 DE-602
DE-4 DE-4
DE-5 DE-23
DE-6 DE-8
DE-7 DE-213
DE-8 DE-12
DE-9 DE-105 (north of DE-72), DE-5 (south of DE-72)
DE-10 DE-14
DE-10 Alt DE-314
DE-11 DE-210
DE-12 DE-16
DE-14 DE-18
DE-15 DE-607 (north of Canterbury), DE-116 (south of Canterbury)
DE-16 DE-22
DE-17 DE-126
DE-18 DE-120 (truncated to DE-404)
DE-20 DE-28
DE-23 DE-123
DE-24 DE-24
DE-26 DE-26
DE-30 DE-30 (west of DE-24/DE-26), DE-322 (north of DE-24)
DE-36 DE-422
DE-37 DE-204
DE-41 DE-11
DE-42 DE-208
DE-44 DE-112
DE-48 DE-111
DE-52 DE-502 (Montchanin Road to PA), DE-2 (DE-2 to Montchanin Road)
DE-54 DE-32
DE-58 DE-104
DE-71 DE-207 (north of DE-896), DE-7 (south of DE-896)
DE-72 DE-5
DE-82 DE-802
DE-92 DE-2
DE-100 DE-2 (Montchanin Road to Brandywine Creek State Park)
DE-141 US-202
DE-261 DE-702
DE-273 DE-2 (west of DE-2/DE-72), DE-302 (east of DE-2/DE-72)
DE-299 DE-6
DE-300 DE-10
DE-404 DE-20
DE-896 DE-7 (north of DE-71), DE-107 (south of DE-71)
MD-7 DE-140
MD-8 DE-17
MD-12 DE-35
MD-14 DE-124
MD-16 DE-21
MD-18 DE-14
MD-19 DE-214
MD-20 DE-8
MD-21 DE-408
MD-33 DE-18
MD-54 DE-32
MD-90 DE-38
MD-213 DE-25
MD-222 US-222
MD-272 DE-3
MD-273 DE-2
MD-274 DE-103
MD-276 DE-902
MD-279 DE-4
MD-282 DE-6
MD-285 DE-307
MD-286 DE-407
MD-287 DE-14
MD-290 DE-110
MD-291 DE-8
MD-298 DE-108
MD-299 DE-308
MD-300 DE-10
MD-302 DE-12 (west of MD-454), DE-210 (east of MD-454)
MD-304 DE-514 (west of Centreville), DE-14 (east of Centreville)
MD-309 DE-320
MD-310 DE-107
MD-311 DE-212
MD-312 DE-220
MD-313 DE-15
MD-314 DE-16
MD-315 DE-120
MD-316 DE-402
MD-317 DE-18
MD-318 DE-120
MD-322 DE-318
MD-328 DE-18
MD-330 DE-208
MD-331 DE-19
MD-333 DE-418
MD-334 DE-221
MD-335 DE-121
MD-343 DE-321
MD-346 DE-34
MD-347 DE-27
MD-348 DE-24
MD-349 DE-34
MD-350 DE-36
MD-352 DE-27
MD-353 DE-26
MD-354 DE-29
MD-362 DE-242
MD-363 DE-42
MD-364 DE-29
MD-365 DE-135
MD-366 DE-44
MD-367 DE-134
MD-368 DE-234
MD-370 DE-218
MD-371 DE-44
MD-374 DE-36
MD-376 DE-36
MD-392 DE-28
MD-404 DE-20
MD-405 DE-114
MD-413 DE-31
MD-445 DE-408 (north of Rock Hall), DE-8 (south of Rock Hall)
MD-454 DE-12
MD-480 DE-16
MD-481 DE-414
MD-513 DE-313
MD-528 DE-1
MD-545 DE-102
MD-565 DE-518
MD-575 DE-138
MD-577 DE-115
MD-589 DE-238
MD-610 DE-134
MD-611 DE-136 (north of MD-376), DE-36 (south of MD-376)
MD-627 DE-342
MD-667 DE-131
MD-675 DE-142
VA-126 DE-137
VA-175 DE-46
VA-176 DE-48
VA-178 DE-37
VA-179 DE-37
VA-180 DE-52
VA-182 DE-54
VA-183 DE-56
VA-184 DE-58
VA-316 DE-33
VA-600 DE-39
VA-614 DE-54
VA-624 DE-413
VA-679 DE-35
VA-693 DE-33
VA-695 DE-46 (west of US-13), DE-146 (east of US-13)
VA-718 DE-37
VA-779 DE-33
VA-803 DE-235
Bowers Beach Road DE-16
Hudson Road DE-134
Sunnyside Road DE-39